PRP with Microneedling

  • PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma which is rich in growth factors
  • PRP is obtained by drawing a vial of your blood and spinning it down to isolate the growth factors
  • PRP is then microneedled into the area of concern to promote collagen production and smooths the skin texture.
  • Topical numbing is used for comfort
  • Procedure takes about 30-40 minutes

PDO Threading

  • PDO threading can be used in the thigh or buttock region to smooth the skin texture
  • PDO thread lift is achieved with an absorbable suture that is placed under the skin.
  • What is the procedure like? It takes about 30 minutes to place the sutures, and topical numbing cream is used for comfort.
  • Results last approximately 24-36 months
  • See our PDO Threading page for more details.